Xinji vision:Create Chinese pipe industry the first brand.

Xinji mission:Offer the most healthy pipeline for mankind.

Core values:Customer first,emplyees second,creating value,cooperation and win-win.

Xinji prupose:To creat value for customers,and creat opportunities for staff to create the profit for the enterprise,create wealth for the society.

Business Philosophy:The quality of excellence,sincere service.

The concept of survival:Attitude decides ererything,details determine success or failure.

Talent concept:The ability to determine position,contributions to determine value.

Team concept:There is only perfect team,no perfect person.

Three attitude:Never say no,never find an excuse,guarantees to fulfills the task.

Quality concept:Quality is the first competition.

Service concept:Customer satisfaction is our responsibility.

Executive concept:Quick response,action now.

Xinji motto:Xinji pipes company,trust though the world.

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