Low temperature radiant floor heating is a kind of will warm pipe is arranged in the concrete layer, let low temperature hot water circulation in the tube, heating the ground, surface temperature rise, followed by radiation and convection to an indoor heat radiating heating way.

  He has a good health condition, no pollution, energy saving, convenient management, no room for the use of space, maintenance and other characteristics. At the same time, the heating method is suitable for the installation of heat metering device and the room temperature automatic control device, its economic and comfortable feeling is incomparable to other heating mode.


  The advantages of floor heating:

  1, comfortable and healthy in order to radiate to the indoor heat, the indoor surface temperature uniform, with the feet warm head cool comfortable feeling

  2, clean cut dirty air convection, clean air, eliminate pollution.

  3, save a space without radiator and connecting pipes, small use area, beautiful and spacious interior.

  4, safe and secure pipe buried in the ground floor of the laying, eliminating the "run, drop, drip, drain".

  5, automatic control operation of automatic control switch, automatic adjustment of temperature.

  6, PE-X, PE, RT - pipe inner wall is smooth, heating silent running, system insulation layer and the role of sound insulation.

  7, save the cost of heating up the heating device, adjust the meter can save costs.

  8, building PEX, PERT upgraded with a pipe to replace the cast iron radiator, in line with the development direction and the construction of national policy.

  9, the market has a wide development of modern heating mode of buildings, popular, and the rapid recovery of funds.

  10, reduce the administrative burden the corresponding property management personnel, charging facilities.

  11, maintenance costs less if no one is damaged, maintenance and maintenance costs little.

  12, low operating cost, low power consumption, simple operation and management, safe and reliable, economical and practical.

  13, economy and energy saving under the condition of comfortable, ground heating compared with the traditional heating way, concentrated heat in the scope of human height 2 meters; heat source and wide range of applications, can use the extra hot water; heat utilization efficiency is high.

  14, long service life, PEX PERT pipe is the world recognized can be used continuously for more than 50 years of pipes.

indoor environment

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  Application range:

  Civil buildings: residential, apartments, villas

  Public buildings: factories, hospitals, office buildings, libraries, shopping malls

  Outdoor building: outdoor station, parking lot, square

  Sports facilities: swimming pool, stadium

  Forestry and Fisheries: Fish pond, planting greenhouse


  Warm History: 

  Floor heating has a long history, back in 60 BC in ancient Rome, low-temperature radiation heating to "Tierra del Fuego" appear, in the Kang, "firewall". , is the low temperature radiant floor heating.

  In 1907, Professor Barker of the United Kingdom first applied for the patent of radiation heating, since then people have been carried out research on the radiation heating. China during the Qing Dynasty Beijing Forbidden City Taihe Temple used hot air channel, that is a traditional ancient ground radiation heating mode, is from Kang technology innovation and transformation and its scale, centralized system attempts.

  Since the beginning of this century, with the progress of society, the development of science and technology, the improvement of the living quality of human being, especially the improvement of comfort and energy saving of residential thermal environment. Our country in the last century fifty s, a number of scientific and technological workers began to the ground radiation heating technology research and put into practice. Of course, floor radiant heating technology development and other new technologies like is not plain sailing, buried within the concrete ground into the hot water pipes has used welded steel pipe, copper pipe, ceramic tube, until the 1970s, suitable for hot and cold water using plastic pipe can be developed and applied widely, Pb, PEX, PAP, PPB, PP-R, PERT at different times to promote the development of heating industry, especially PEX PERT a number of soft good, high strength, impact resistance and pipes with heat resistant to the ground radiation heating bring the leap type development.

  According to incomplete statistics, at the end of the last century, about 48% of residential buildings for the ground radiation heating, Germany is 41%, Austria is 25%, France is 85%, Japan is 95%, South Korea is 20%, China has reached more than 90% years in Northeast China, North China, northwest also reached 20% ~ 40%. With the continuous improvement of the level of urbanization in China, the continuous expansion of urban central heating range, the implementation of household heat metering and the continuous improvement of rural areas, especially the people of the heating comfort and energy saving requirements, in the future, the application prospect of ground radiation heating in the future ten points.




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